/ˌrekəˈlekt/  verb : to remember

The most precious moments of your life

The moments that matter the most. 


The little things that fill your heart.

The moments that make you feel most alive. 


The simple ordinary things.

Your wedding day. 


The raw emotions.




 Let me CAPTURE those!



You are here because you care about preserving some amazing life moments! 

You are fully aware of the chapter you are currently living. A chapter full of events that you will experience just once.

You are in good hands!

I will make sure you can relive them for a lifetime…

hey, I’m Urquisa.

the face behind recollect films 

What clients say

Urquisa did our wedding video 11.10.18 and it is just magical! Urquisa is AMAZING! From the very beginning she made us feel heard, she took the time to get to know us as a couple, she shared her ideas with us and listened to what it was we wanted. Making us all the more excited to start this journey with her. Urquisa is so very kind, super thoughtful, personable, and artistic we could just go on for days about her. She has such a keen eye for detail and aesthetic beauty. Urquisa truly demonstrates her passion and devotion for her craft. She had us reliving our special day all over again, a moment will not be forgotten or lost because of this incredible video; she had us and our families crying. We are genuinely happy and impressed with Urquisa’s work when capturing the most memorable moments from our wedding day. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed, it was a pleasure to work with her. Thank you so much Urquisa for giving us this remarkable video that we will treasure forever.


I know there are angels here on earth, and Urquisa Vicente is one of them. Urquisa came to my rescue and not only took beautiful photos (during Thanksgiving week no less!) but also came to my house and helped me pick out outfits because I was less than two days out from a c-section and could barely function. These photos will always warm my heart, not only because they capture some of our earliest moments as a family of eight, but because they are a reminder of the treasures of friendship.


Isa you did incredible! Honestly the best wedding video I have ever seen. So beautiful, touching, memorable, and artsy! The wedding looked so fun too!!! 100% worth the wait!!!!!


I just want to say thank you so much! That video is so beautiful and such an incredible way to remember allies and my day. I cry at minute two every time!



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