We all have questions!

why should I hire you to document my love story?
Because I care about delivering a film that is honest and timeless. Because I care about your experience as a client. I care about the quality of the work I will be delivering. Because I invest in every aspect of my company from the insurance company I have for your event to the kind of storage systems I use to protect your footage before delivering your film. But I will love to for you read what my past clients say, check the reviews on the home page, on The Knot and on Google.

All of my clients say that they will never regret having a videographer on their wedding day. The way every event of the day is captured on video has nothing to do with photography. The emotions and the movements are documented in a totally different way. I believe one compliments the other and it is the best decision to choose both as they are the only things left after the wedding is over, besides a dirty wedding dress lol.

Depending on the package you choose it will always be me as your main videographer with either an assistant or a professional second shooter. Having a second camera or second view helps tremendously in storytelling. 
Where are you based out of?

I live in a suburb called Spring in Houston, Texas – USA. I just moved from Florida to Texas in August 2019.

Are you willing to travel?

YES! I’m not only available. I absolutely love traveling! In fact, I have lived in: Venezuela, Spain, NYC, California, Florida and just recently moved to Texas. Annnd I have a bunch of bucket list places where I will offer discounts if you decide to hire me to go there! With that said, keep in mind that I only plan to take a couple of destination weddings every year. If you are interested in having me travel, please inquire as soon as possible.

do you record audio?

Yes! Audio is a very important element in storytelling. I professionally record audio during ceremony and such. Also, I absolutely love when clients are willing to record their vows privately, or anything for a voice over. The more unique and personal we build your story, the more meaningful it will be. We will work together to make sure you feel comfortable with any audio recording.


Do you offer Engagement Films, Drone coverage, Rehearsal Dinner Coverage, and next day Social Media Teasers?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. I have it all. That is why customizing your package is very important. Drone coverage and second shooters, meaning a second camera, are included in the full day coverage for weddings.


Do you offer the raw footage for your films?
Raw footage is a tricky thing. If I give you all the raw clips, you will find yourself watching a ton of short clips that are not necessarily connected to each other because I constantly move around the venue. So, it is really not pleasant to watch. Also, the raw footage’s audio has a lot of noise because the audio hasn’t been edited and equalized. In addition, raw footage is not color corrected to match a consistent aesthetic so, if you ask people that have gotten raw footage is actually not very useful most of the time. 
What I offer, instead, is a longer, edited documentary video. Usually, for a full day wedding, I charge an extra $485.


Do you offer Wedding Photography as well?
I am currently only offering Wedding Films. My love for photography hasn’t changed a bit but filmmaking is already an incredible and complex task and I am focusing solely on offering videos for weddings. I still offer photography for families and portraits. However, I do know and have worked with amazing wedding photograhers in the US and Europe and I can provide a list. 

If you are interested in my family work please visit my lifestyle website at urquisavicente.com 

how do you work around my photographer on my wedding day?
The amazing thing about this, it’s that I was a wedding photographer before I decided to focus solely on wedding videography. I know how important is to work as a team and focus on what it is important to the couple on their day, instead of prioritizing what we desire for our own portfolio.
I usually reach out to your photographer before your wedding just to say Hi. I tried to stay out of the way throughout the day by pretty much shadowing the photography team. If I need something specific I make sure I communicate that beforehand. BUT because I focus on just documenting the day as it happens, there is very little posing and direction from me and my assistant or second shooting.


I see you have a different website for family and lifestyle work, What is a Family Film?
Family Films are one of my favorites! They are amazing! Imagine a professional video of your family just having a great time. A treasure for years to come! It’s like a family photo shoot but more laid back, dreamy and timeless. It could be outdoors or at home. I could film anything you enjoy as a family like cooking or just playing. Please contact me if you are interested! See all my family work over at urquisavicente.com


My priority for your wedding day is to be as unobtrusive and inconspicuous as I possible can. There are a lot of emotions that day and I don’t like to take over any of the special moments. That also applies to the amount of equipment. Even though I bring back ups and back ups of the back ups in case of any malfunctions, we try to be mindful in this aspect and keep our equipment contained and well packed.
How long is your turnaround time?
I pour myself completely into creating a high quality film for you. I don’t like to rush the creative process and risk overlooking small details such as audio mixing or color grading. I usually take 10-12 weeks to deliver your film. Sometimes less. But rest assured I work non stop after your wedding is done to exceed your expectations. Same-week short edits are available upon request.


Do you have insurance?
Yes, I do! I carry liability insurance and my equipment is all insured as well. 
what If we FEEL awkward in front of the cameras?

I think almost every client says “oh but I not good in front of the camera”. I concentrate on capturing candid moments and you having the best time of your life! I am capturing candids all day but when I need to direct you, I will help you get comfortable and put you at ease. I have a gift for this! I promise! 

Absolutely not. I have learned with my five years of experience to work in many many settings. In any case, I always arrive one hour before what we agree upon to scout the area and record drone footage. I also do some research about the venue beforehand including things such as the history of it. All of those little details help me craft your love story and narrative of your film.
How do I receive my film?
You will receive a private gallery through my website where you can watch and share your film. 
You will also received an USB in the mail.
We love your work! How do we book you?
Thank you!! I’m blushing over here lol!
Go to the INQUIRE page and send me your info. Then, let’s find a minute to talk on the phone, facetime or grab a coffee. I really would love to get to know you and start crafting your story.
To reserve your day, there is a contract and also, a 50% non-refundable deposit. Payment plans are available as well. You can sign your contract electronically. It’s super easy! I will walk you through the process.

If you have any other questions or just feel like talking some more about your vision or ideas for a shoot, I am always an email away!

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